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Mike, Aiden, and Linda Gray

Rolling Hills Publishing, a family based publishing company in Missouri, is focused on developing products that improve education. It is our vision to create easy-to-read, relevant, user friendly publications. Since 1994 we have been working together as an innovative team, always searching for the next project or challenge. By utilizing our collective knowledge and our eagerness to learn, we decided to jump into publishing in 2003. That year we launched our first website RollingHillsPublishing.com coinciding with the publishing of Auto Upkeep: Basic Car Care.


Auto Upkeep, our flagship product, has been adopted by over 500 high schools, community colleges, and universities in the United States and Canada to teach basic car care, maintenance, and repair.

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  • Anyone looking to learn more about cars
  • New Drivers - Teens and Adults
  • Introductory Automotive Programs
  • Boy Scouts Auto Mechanics Merit Badge
  • Girl Scouts Car Care Badge
  • Girl Scouts Car Sense Patch
  • 4-H Automotive Programs
  • Saturday Automotive Clinics
  • Adult and Consumer Ed Classes
  • Driver Education Classes
  • After School Programs
  • Homeschool Students and Co-op
  • Students, Teachers, and Parents


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Go to Video.AutoUpkeep.com to view Car Care Videos



Ordering Question?

If you have questions about ordering Auto Upkeep, please call 800-918-READ or go to AutoUpkeep.com

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